Black Tie Catering kosher los angeles

About Us

 ​Black Tie Catering was started in 2013 as a passion project by Chef Benjamin Amar. We saw the need for a reform in the Los Angeles Kosher catering industry. Kosher is only a standard of verification and should not define the taste and quality of the food served to your guests. Based on this ideology, Black Tie Catering was launched, upholding the highest levels of Kasherout, to create exquisite food, beautiful presentations and white glove services to make your events unique and unforgettable. 

Over 10 years of experience to help you create your event!! That is what you receive with Black Tie Catering. BTC was established in 2013 & Chef Benjamin Amar has over 15 years of Catering and Event experience from his hometown of Montreal, Canada. 

Our dedication is to great food, five star service and creative designs. That's our recipe for success to make your events unforgettable.

Benjamin Amar

Los Angeles